Medical Care

Acute Illness

Respiratory conditions

Gastro-intestinal symptoms relief

Nose & Throat conditions

Eye & Ear conditions

Skin infection

Urinary tract infections

Sexually transmitted diseases

Laboratory testing through Quest, Labcorp, and Lifehope Labs

We also facilitate timely specialty referrals

Doctor visiting sick child and mother at home

Functional Medicine

Getting to the root cause of your problem with an East meets West approach is the basis of functional medicine. Examining you and each element of your life is where we begin.  2UMedical offers traditional lab testing with a focus on Optimal Levels (not just normal) through Labcorp and Quest.  We offer functional lab testing through Vibrant, Genova, Diagnostic Solutions, and Avise.

Functional Medicine treats conditions such as:

Autoimmune Disease, Long COVID, Cardiovascular Disease, Neuro-inflammatory Disorders, Mood Disorders, Hormone Disorders such as PCOS, Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders.

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Aesthetic Services 

Looking natural, youthful, and rested is our approach to every Aesthetic Service we offer.



PRGF & Exosomes for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration

Acne laser & cryo treatments


Morpheus 8

Light Therapy

Physical Therapy

Neck & shoulder pain

Back pain


Overuse injuries such as tennis elbow


Knee pain


Radiating pain

Pre & post-surgical care

Dry Needling- Learn More!

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IV Therapy

IV Therapy treatment sends nutrients directly to your blood stream offering hydration, recovery, and general wellbeing. Intravenous therapies can be used intermittently or as part of a personalized wellness plan, offering enhanced and pure cell saturation that supersedes anything taken by mouth.  Before your treatment, an evaluation by a health care provider is required. We are happy to assess and suggest which therapies will be best for you.  We offer basic solutions and build to more advanced therapies used for recovery, enhanced performance, optimal wellness, and longevity. Inquire for IV Therapies offered at 2UMedical via our general inquires form on our contact page.

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Nutritional Services

Customized medical weight loss
Therapeutic menu plans to focus on minimizing chronic illness
Nutritional diabetic counseling
Family menu plans
Menu plans for endurance training

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