Vitamin D Deficiency

Do You Have a Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D also known as the sunshine vitamin is extremely important to our overall health. This vitamin is derived from the sunlight we receive from Mother Nature, making it very unique. Vitamin D is linked to our immune system, bone health and muscle strength as well as radiant skin.

Over 1 billion people worldwide are Vitamin D deficient. The winter months prove to be the worst for most of us due to lack of sun exposure, and use of sunscreen.

It is extremely important to know if you suffer from vitamin D deficiency. If you are experiencing weakened immune system (getting sick frequently). Sleeplessness, depression, weak muscles or skin problems then you may be D deficient. See your 2UMedical provider and a registered dietitian to determine your levels and help you bump up that “D”.